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(highlighted dates are links to the WebEx presentation)

Diabetes Care consultation-Web Conference – Diabetes Case Example 2/21/14, 3/21/14, 5/16/14, 6/20/14, 7/18/14, 8/15/14, 9/19/14, 10/03/14, 11/21/14, 12/19/14, 1/16/15, 2/20/15 12:30-1:30 ECU
Asthma SDM Case Consultation- Web Conference –  Asthma Basics slides 3/18/14, 4/15/14, 5/20/14, 6/17/14, 7/15/14, 8/19/14, 9/16/14, 10/21/14, 11/18/14, 12/16/14, 1/20/15, 2/17/15, 3/17/15 12:30-1:30 CHS
Introduction to Shared Decision Making (SDM) Web Conference 02/25/14 12:30-1:30 CHS
Use of SDM for Medical Conditions Web Conference 03/11/14 12:30-1:30 CHS
Into to Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Web Conference – PAM Primer 03/28/14 12:30-1:30 VH
Use of PAM in Coaching For Activation Web Conference – PAM and Coaching for Activation slides 04/11/14 12:30-1:30 VH
Engaging Community: Patient Advisory Councils – Forming Patient Advisory Councils Web-Conference – Patients and Families as advisors slides 05/09/14 12:30-1:30 VH
NCNC Annual Conference EAHEC Conference Center – NCNC Conference Program 2014 05/17/14 8:30-3:30
Self-Management Web Case Conferences 06/11/14 12:30-1:30 UNC
PAM Case Consultation Web Presentation 06/11/14 12:30-1:30 VH
Diabetes Medication Management Web Conference – DM Medication Management Slides 08/18/14 12:30-1:30 ECU
Using Teach Back Strategies in Clinics Web Presentation – Teach Back slides 09/12/14 12:30-1:30 VH
Congestive Heart Failure Medication Web Conference – Congestive Heart Failure Medication Slides 09/29/14 12:30-1:30 ECU
PAM Case Consultation Web Presentation 10/08/14  12:30-1:30  VH
Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Medication Adherence Web Conference 10/17/14 12:30-1:30 VM
Using Nurses to Support Behavior Health Web Conference 10/31/14 12:30-1:30 ECU
Engaging Community: Patient Advisory Councils – Forming Patient Advisory Councils Web-Conference 11/07/14 12:30-1:30 VH
Using Huddles in Clinical Care: An Important Tool to Improve Efficiency Web-Conference 11/18/14 12:30-1:30 CHC
Intro PAM Case Consultation 1/28/15 12:30-1:30 VH
Janet Reaves State wide Conference 2/26-2/27/15 TBA TBA

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This Web Page contains a list of all presentations of The Duke Endowment funded Health Coaching Training Program aimed at delivering needed Patient Centered Medical Home clinical skills. Vidant Health (Vidant Medical Center and Vidant Medical Group) in collaboration with three of the leading North Carolina health care systems are coordinating this Health Coaching Training Program. With each listed presentation there is a link to a WebEx audio-video recording of the presentation. When available, there is also a link to the Power Point slides that accompanied the presentation. Please note that the WebEx audio-videos are non-professional recordings and could not be edited. Many have very long “lead-ins,” whereas others begin at a point well into the presentation. We apologies for the nature of some of these recordings for they are also a reflection of this new technology.