Duke Primary Care Research Consortium (PCRC)

The PCRC is a primary care research network for academic, community, Veteran’s Affairs (VA), and managed-care practices within the Duke Health System and surrounding communities. The goals of the PCRC are to (a) perform clinical studies that will improve health care delivery and patient outcomes, (b) provide educational opportunities for clinicians to maintain their clinical skills and develop new research skills, (c) offer clinicians support through a central administrative office and trained study coordinators enabling them to participate in primary care research, and (d) generate research to support the practice of evidence-based medicine.

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Eastern Carolina Association for Research and Education (E-CARE)

E-CARE is a network of practicing clinicians in eastern North Carolina that is formed to ask and answer clinical and organizational questions central to primary health care. E-CARE is a Primary Care Practiced-Based Research Network as defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). E-CARE involves eastern North Carolina community-based clinicians and their staffs in activities designed to understand and improve primary care. E-CARE strives to link relevant clinical questions with research methods in community settings to produce valid scientific information. Relevant questions are identified by both community-based clinicians and E-CARE coordinators. E-CARE welcomes the participation of all health service practitioners in eastern North Carolina. E-CARE also welcomes practicing clinicians outside of eastern North Carolina to join the network. The goals of certain E-CARE projects may be of a scope that address questions broader than those of eastern North Carolina clinicians.

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Mecklenburg Area Partnership for Primary-care Research (MAPPR)

Mecklenburg Area Partnership for Primary Care Research (MAPPR) is a Practice Based Research Network designed to study barriers to healthcare access for the underserved and vulnerable populations in Charlotte.

Our mission is to bring together the strengths of our diverse partnerships to facilitate research that can be put into practice. The goal for this network is to leverage the strengths of different sectors of the community to bring about positive change in individual lives by improving healthcare and quality of life.

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NCnet is a practice based research network (PBRN) centered at UNC in partnership with TraCS and Sheps Center. Our practices are located across the state of North Carolina and include primary care practices, pediatric practices and school based clinics. In addition to our own grants and projects we assist investigators in NC who are looking to conduct projects in community-based practices. NCnet had its beginnings in the North Carolina Family Medicine Research Network (NC-FM-RN) and has grown to include the Robeson County Primary Care Research Network (RCPCrN) which has a focus on serving the non-reservation American Indian population in NC, the North Carolina Child Health Research Network (NCCHRN) and North Carolina Multisite Adolescent Research Consortium for Health (NC MARCH) which work to improve the health of children and adolescents in NC. Descriptions of practice networks we collaborate with like UNCPN?

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Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC is committed to conducting community-based, patient-centered healthcare research that addresses the unique needs of our rural mountain region. Our vision is for UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC to become a leader in Western North Carolina

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NC Central University RCMI Practice Based Equity Research Network (PBERN)

NCCU’s Practice-Based Equity Research Network (PBERN) focuses on bringing clinical care equity to North Carolina. The goal of the PBERN is to boost primary healthcare access for underserved, uninsured and underinsured communities in North Carolina. This network also seeks to

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