ADAPT-NC Poster Wins Award at PBRN Conference

CnL8emyVIAAZ5jo.jpg largeTom Ludden’s Poster “Does Facilitated Implementation of Shared Decision Making improve Health Outcomes for Asthma patients? Preliminary Results from a Statewide RCT for an Asthma Dissemination Intervention” won the David Lanier Top Poster Presentation Award Second Place at the North American Primary Care Research Group’s 2016 Practice-based Research Network Conference in Bethesda MD July 11-12.

The poster presented results from the PCORI funded  ADAPT-NC projectthat compared three dissemination methods of an Evidence-based Asthma Shared Decision Making toolkit to 30 practices across North Carolina.  The practices were randomly assigned to one of three dissemination methods:  Control Practices who may be exposed by passive diffusion of the toolkit, Traditional Practices who were exposed to the tool kit with Lunch and Learn presentations at the practice and FLOW practices who received implementation support from a Practice Facilitator.

Practices in this study are associated with one of four Practice-based Research networks which make up the North Carolina Network Consortium: MAPPR who is the lead for this project,ECARE, NCnet and PCRC.

image1Medicaid claims data from 7,155 patients across the three study arms from Community Care of North Carolina were analyzed. For this poster the proportion of patients who were prescribed oral steroids were compared 12 months pre randomization and 12 month post randomization. While the percentage of oral steroid prescriptions declined in all three groups, the FLOW dissemination arm had a larger decrease in oral steroid prescriptions than the traditional arm. The traditional arm had a larger decrease in oral steroid prescriptions than the control arm.

Additional information about this project can be found at the project website, it’s Facebook page Improving Asthma care and Twitter feed @ImprovingAsthma.

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