Monitor Trial makes the top 20 AAFP Papers for Primary Care Physicians.

Katrina Donahue’s Monitor trial placed among the AAFP’s Top 20 Research Studies for Primary Care Physicians.

“The goal of the review process is to identify POEMs: patient-oriented evidence that matters. A POEM must report patient-oriented outcomes, such as improvement in symptoms, morbidity, or mortality; be free of important methodologic bias; and recommend a change in practice for many physicians. Adopting valid POEMs in clinical practice could therefore result in improved patient outcomes.”

“(this) well-designed U.S. randomized trial confirmed what had been previously observed in
a number of European studies: routine self-monitoring in patients with type 2 diabetes who are not taking insulin does not improve any clinical outcomes. Patients should have a glucometer and can use it when they are sick or symptomatic from diabetes, but routine use is not needed.”

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